Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Victory For All

The Wisconsin Senate recall fiasco is finally drawing to a close, despite the external interference and millions of outside dollars poured into the effort to unseat the Republican majority that was fairly elected in 2010.

Both sides are claiming victory, which is to be expected. Quite understandably, the Democrats and Labor Unions can't outwardly admit that they wasted (conservatively) $31 million and a whole bunch of time and effort (and what little goodwill or sympathy may have remained) trying to overturn what was a fair election to begin with.

The real winners are...EVERYONE! The Wisconsin electoral system worked as it was designed. The results of an election were fairly challenged, and the citizens of Wisconsin stepped up to the plate and did it all again!

The issues are much pettier than all of us...both sides presented their cases to the PEOPLE, and the people made their choice--twice.

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