Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's The Culture, Stupid!!

Let me tell you about the depths to which our culture is sinking. I'd like to introduce you to Dan Savage...not sure if there is any relation to conservative radio talk show host and author Michael Savage, but I seriously doubt it...Michael probably would have shot this mutt at a family get-together long ago.
A little background on Dan, with a listener warning...researching this disgusting, perverted little world of Dan's nearly made me puke on more than one occasion, but I will do my best to at least keep it printable.
Dan is an militantly gay sex columnist out of Seattle, and has authored several air quote "best sellers"...not sure how many books are in the genre "PERVERT" but he is apparently one of the best. He is also the founder of the annual amateur porn festival, HUMPSeattle. Dan recently came onto my radar after remarks to Joy Behar in which he wished all Republicans "were f**ing dead". I don't think he really meant Republicans, though...I think he meant ANYONE who doesn't embrace the homosexual agenda. He just used the term Republican because of former Pennsylvania senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum's stance on, well, basic decency.
Dan also recently coined a new sex term, santorum--a noun, defined as "the frothy mixture of lube and feces that is often the by-product of anal sex". Folks, THIS is what the homosexual lobby is trying to make mainstream...THIS is what they want to FORCE the rest of us to accept. You can put all the pretty rainbows and happy little terms like GAY on it that you want, it is perverted FILTH...and if you disagree, you are a homophobe. If you speak out against it, that is HATE SPEECH.
In the recent past, I have learned to judge the behavior, not the person...judging people is God's job, and I suck at it. But what I have learned is that behavior is a much more accurate depictor of one's character than one's words or appearance. After all, we all have them mornings when we look like crap no matter what we do, and sometimes words just refuse to come out as they are meant.
Removing all political labels, judgments, inferences, preconceived notions...taking EVERYTHING OFF THE TABLE and just getting down to the most basic of basics--nature--homosexuality is just plain UNNATURAL. Those who engage in this unnatural behavior justify it by pointing to some obscure species of hermaphroditic amphibian that has, during a mass extinction of the males, actually changed it's sex in order to procreate. Survival and procreation are the top priorities of nature's game, and only human reasoning, however flawed, can justify otherwise.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Deal Or No Deal!

A wise man once said that unless your foot is on the throat of your enemy, you are negotiating from a position of weakness.

The good news is that the House of Representatives with the strength of the freshmen TEA party-backed candidates have our "boot" on the throat of the Socialist redistribution agenda. Obama has already publicly admitted he is "bluffing" by daring us to call his bluff.

The Lamestream media is parroting the Liar-In-Chief's FEAR agenda, by calling Republicans "obstructionists" and "uncompromising". The harsh truth is that there WAS a plan presented, and Senate Democrats refused to debate it. The Cut, Cap and Balance (CCB) bill *IS* the compromise. The House debated it, approved it and sent it to the Senate.

We don't need any "gang of six" or "Super Congress" or any of the other gimmicks being put forth. The cowards in the Senate need to either approve or reject CCB, end of story.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

When is a gun not a gun?

Say hello to Mister Firing Pin. This little fella is what strikes the primer of a centerfire .357 Magnum cartridge in a Smith & Wesson revolver, causing a rapid expansion of gases to rapidly propel the bullet through the barrel and towards its target.

Without this one particular component, a gun is actually nothing more than a revolver-shaped paperweight. However, according to a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, MANDATORY SENTENCING ENHANCEMENTS apply since it meets the "legal" definition of a firearm. (Story HERE)

Chief Justice Robert Castille said that "firing a bullet is the only true ‘designed’ function — in fact, the essence — of a handgun, pistol or firearm." The Chief Justice is correct in this regard. However, he compares apples to oranges in his next statement. "A car without gas does not lose its identity as an entity designed for locomotion. A laptop computer does not cease to be a computer if its battery is removed. By the same reasoning, nor does a handgun lose its designed function merely because a critical piece is missing."
His analogies equate to a firearm with no bullets, not one missing a firing pin. The correct analogies in this case would be a car without an engine and a laptop without a CPU. Here in East Tennessee, Chief, a car without an engine is a LAWN ORNAMENT! And there is no way a laptop without a CPU can do anything but collect dust.
By the same reasoning, Chief, this little firing pin could also be twisted into being defined as a "firearm", since it's only purpose is to strike a cartridge's primer and fire a bullet.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justice vs. Revenge

The 33-day-old media circus known as the Casey Anthony trial is now over, with NOT GUILTY verdicts rendered on the charges of 1st degree murder, 2nd degree manslaughter and aggravated neglect. She was found guilty of providing false statements to law enforcement officers.

We have all been forced participants, for the most part unwillingly, in the saga of an extremely disturbed family. Since the mainstream media had made us jurors by proxy, we felt anger at the inability to make our voices heard. We wanted that GUILTY verdict in the name of revenge, but were willing to call it justice.

Unlike the defense team's claims, whatever happened to young Caylee *is* known amongst the disgusting members of the Anthony family. Each of them will have to answer to God for their part in the untimely death of this beautiful child and the subsequent cover-up.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bumblin' Biden Gets It???

Speaking to the Teamsters in Las Vegas this past Friday, Vice Prezzo Bozo Biden said, "If you vote Republican...You're on your own, Jack!"

Exactly as our Founding Fathers and the framers of the US Constitution wanted it, Mr. Biden. A nation of free citizens, each with an equal opportunity to succeed, or to fail...but ON OUR OWN! Without government mandates on how much we are to pay or to be paid, forced payment of dues as a condition of employment, or "equality" based on which way the wind is blowing.