Monday, August 1, 2011

Is this how Barack Obama was bought and paid for?

Campaign For Liberty (C4L) and Ron Paul's AUDIT THE FED movement have unearthed some startling figures, and "the revelations are sickening – so-called 'money' tossed around like confetti to banksters, foreign banks, and favored corporations."

Yep, them same "evil Wall Street fat cats" and "corporate jet owners" that PrezzO continuously vilifies while padding their bottom line in secret. "We have now learned that the Federal Reserve lent $16 TRILLION to both domestic and overseas financial institutions during the height of the financial less than three years."

I'm not sure if that $16 Trillion number include the out-in-the-open donations of $700 Billion for TARP, $787 Billion Porkulus Package and $2.2 Trillion from both "Quantitative Easing" phases, but (according to C4L) "from December 1, 2007 to July 21, 2010, the Federal Reserve 'created reserves in the banking system' (Bernanke slang for printing money) that exceeded not only the entire U.S. GDP for a year, but also the entire U.S. national debt that's accumulated over the past 224 years!" Most of this timeframe also contains the term of the "criminal enterprise" of the 111th Congress.

The Greek bailout was likely paid for by the Fed as well, as "more than $3 trillion dollars were lent to overseas financial institutions in numerous countries, including in the U.K., Germany, and France. In addition, we learned just how much the big banks who contributed heavily to Obama, and to the crisis, were rewarded with nearly $8 Trillion to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Merill Lynch, and Bank of America."

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