Sunday, August 14, 2011

Communist Points of Unity

"Communism is the failure of common sense coupled with the failure of will." - Me

From the Leading Light Communist Organization's (LLCO) website:

1. Our goal is communism. Communism is the end of all oppression. We fight for a radically egalitarian social order.

2. The principal contradiction is between exploiter and exploited countries. Breaking the chains of imperialism is the first step to breaking all chains. To this end, we uphold the glorious strategy of Lin Biao’s Long Live the Victory of People’s War!. The global countryside will encircle the global cities. The proletariat in the Third World and its allies will encircle and defeat their enemies in the First World.

3. We understand that the proletariat and its allies are principally concentrated in the Third World and oppressed nations. The First World is populated by parasite classes that benefit by exploiting and oppressing the Third World. The parasite classes of the First World are enemies of the world’s peoples. The First World “working class” is an enemy of the world’s peoples. It is not a proletariat. It should be regarded as part of the imperialist bourgeoisie, or imperialist petty-bourgeoisie, or imperialist labor aristocracy.

4. We uphold the Soviet Union through the early or mid 1950s and China through the early or mid-1970s as imperfect examples of socialism. Capitalism was restored by a new bourgeoisie that arose within the Communist Party and state itself. Any single year that we establish as an exact milestone for when socialism ended and capitalism was restored will have an arbitrary element since the restoration process is complex. We are not going to pick fights over exact dates.

5. We uphold continuous revolution under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. We uphold the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution as the furthest advance toward communism in human history.

6. We uphold the broad united front against imperialism, especially Amerikkkan imperialism. We support all of those who are exploited or oppressed and point their spears at the Great Satan, Amerika.

7. Taken together, this means we uphold Leading Light Communism.

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