Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sociopath In Training

Find this SICK CHICK QUICK! Apparently, on her days off from school, she has a sick, disgusting way to entertain herself...she has someone film her throwing 6 puppies into a river.

There is a video available online, but I will not post it. I'm sure there are probably already thousands of copies of the link floating around the web-verse in angry E-mails between animal lovers.

It is hard to decide who is the sicker...her or the person filming this despicable act of inhumane indecency. Missy, you are indeed one sick young lady, and should never be allowed to bear children.

Author's Note: The images are (c) www.metro.us

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Off topic: Honoring a Music Legend

There are bands out there...and then there are BANDS! They clutter the airwaves, and in the post-grunge era, they all sound alike. But there is one group that is instantly recognizable, both vocally and musically...BOSTON...Whenever you hear a BOSTON tune, you just KNOW it's BOSTON!

From their debut hit MORE THAN A FEELING, to their last offering WALK ON, Brad Delp's voice screams "BOSTON"! I don't mean, in any way, to sell Tom Scholtz short...he is the wizard of BOSTON'S unique sound, but it was Brad's voice that captured a generation! I don't know why life got so bad that Brad felt compelled to take his own life, but I can assure you that a generation of music fans were saddened with this loss. Rest in peace Brad! Here is a clip of one of their more famous performances: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiOqHLVxZvA

Monday, August 23, 2010

Economic Recovery?

Stacks of empty shipping containers tower above apartment buildings all over the country...why? They are perfectly good intermodal steel boxes, designed to transport manufactured goods around the world. They come into our ports loaded with everything imaginable, and shelves at Wal-Mart, Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot and the like are practically bursting with their contents. So why do they sit abandoned outside American ports? Because we have nothing to fill them with for a return voyage across the oceans! It is cheaper for the countries that STILL manufacture products for export to just make another one than to pay the cost for return of an empty.

We don't make anything anymore, except excuses, and those can be carried over the airwaves and internet by broadcasters and bloggers...no need for shipping containers, although the bullshit coming out of Washington DC could easily fill them all.

It's not President Bush's "failed economic policies" that have caused our tanking economy...it is the fault of liberal politicians, both Democrat and Replublican, kowtowing to union interests that have priced American labor out of the manufacturing game.

Steel mills in America, like this one in Steel City USA, that could be making these shipping containers sit abandoned because we don't make steel anymore. The people who used to run these machines either retired with pensions or became greeters at your local Wal-Mart, selling the products than come in from abroad in those shipping containers that were also manufactured abroad.

But leave it to American ingenuity to come up with a solution...how about a containerized, fully functioning plug-and-play data center like the one here? As long as we can keep Congress and the unions out of the Information Technology business, I can foresee an exploding market for this niche in the IT industry! Of course, the computers, server racks, cables and the other equipment within the container is still manufactured overseas, but at least we can use the containers that they built to our benefit.

Another great idea...apartments! Rather than waste billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars constructing and maintaining high-rise apartment buildings that become drug-infested projects, why not resort to a cheaper and more abundant source? Let's build container cities for the poor and homeless, and kill two birds with one stone! The obvious green effect of recycling these containers as well as providing for those who can't provide for themselves should have Liberals practically orgasmic! Instead of taking from the wealthy, let's take from the countries that are kicking our economic butts!

So, America....when Congress starts debating economic reform by padding union pension accounts, take into consideration the motto of the Chief-Of-Staff for the Obama administration...never let a crisis go to waste...especially the ones that we have created!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Observations Regarding...

The following text comes directly from the website of a self-admitted Conservative Black woman, whom I know to be articulate and thoughtful. It illustrates the complexity and breadth of the issue of race relations in America.

"Can it now be stated that since the United States has a Black President, that Black America has been paid for the injustices that have done against them for hundreds of years? Is it now time for the black race to issue a pass to the white Americans that enslaved and robbed us of land, families, knowledge of self and pride as to who we were and where we came from. Has the time come for Black America to now look at the White Race as a whole and say that I trust you with my life and my future along with the rearing of my children and to say thank you for beating my ancestors into submission to accept a new way of life that you have now subjected our people to?"

These are the talking points of the IDEOLOGY OF DIVISION that "faith pimps" like the Reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright use to pump up their bank accounts while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with regard to the issues that separate Black and White Americans. To them, and groups like the NAACP, the goal is all about "being paid", rather than acknowledging equality. As long as racial tensions exist, they have relevance and continue to "get paid".

These Black Liberation Theologists have put a nonspecific and fluctuating "price tag" required for racial reconciliation that can NEVER be met. Therefore, the majority of Blacks will ALWAYS see themselves as the oppressed and will NEVER be satisfied with ANY current state of affairs as they stand. Therefore, the only status quo that the so-called Black Equality groups are concerned with is maintaining a racial divide to perpetuate their media relevance and income stream.

What has happened centuries, or even decades, in the past cannot be undone. The only solution is within one's self...as in INDIVIDUAL SALVATION. God's forgiveness is absolute, but the desire for it must be absolute as well. It cannot be conditionally based on any external factors, whether past or future. The Lord's Prayer asks each of us, as INDIVIDUALS, "...to forgive MY trespasses, as I forgive those who trespass against ME".

The key to it all is in there...God's forgiveness of you isn't conditional on what ANYBODY ELSE has ever done to your ancestors, and NEITHER SHOULD YOURS! What happened back then is between our ancestors and God. Only in that moment of epiphany that EACH of us, regardless of our skin color, realize that our individual lives and salvation IS IN OUR OWN HANDS, and not based upon any repayment, reparation or whatever you want to call it, can we all progress towards living together in harmony.