Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GOProud vs Conservatism

I recently read an interesting article (linked HERE) by a young political activist named Toni Woods. She says that she is " more or no less a conservative activist because I am a lesbian. I was obviously not too perverted to enthusiastically be used a poster child for their programs prior to my coming out (emphasis mine)."
She continues..."I was empowered by their willingness to engage the dogmatic, homophobic wing of the Republican Party..." And therein is her separation from TRUE conservatism. There is a big difference between a gay Republican and a true conservative.

What Ms. Woods and the rest of the homosexual population fail to understand about true conservatism are the basic conservative beliefs that (a) who you choose to have sex with is nobody's damn business but yours, so keep it in the bedroom where it belongs, and (b) it is an aberrant behavior, not an identity trait. When you announce yourself as a "Gay Conservative", you are automatically putting your choice of sexual behavior ahead of the rest of your beliefs, as well as demanding that everybody else ACCEPT it as normal. There are people out there who get "sexual pleasure" from lighting things on fire and watching them burn, but do you support making arson a "protected" behavior?

I think it was Ronald Reagan who once said that "someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is an ally, not a 20% enemy." Ms. Woods, I applaud your stance on abortion, the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment, the need to rein in government size and scope and individual liberties. I will stand by your side and argue their merits as forcefully as I can. But if you are willing to discard any of THOSE beliefs for a forced acceptance of your sexual behavior, then I must question your definition of "conservatism".

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