Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Communist Manifesto in 4 Easy Steps...

In a 1985 interview, KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov described (with eerie simplicity) the four steps and time frames involved with brainwashing an entire society (must-see video Here).

Step One - DEMORALIZATION: Not just in the standard sense of the word, as in loss of will to fight (via political correctness), but moreso in the removal of moral standards. Mr. Bezmenov's described timeframe of approximately 20 years (remember, this was in 1985) allows for three generations of primary-school students to be "indoctrinated" into this morally-vacant class of people. Many will go on to become educators and entertainers in this "new" normalcy where anything goes.

Step Two - DESTABILIZATION: Criminalize that which is legal, and legalize that which is criminal. Making more and ever far-reaching laws makes more potential criminals, effectively making law-abiding citizens fearful of each other and distrustful of law enforcement personnel, while ignoring the common enemy--the legislators. Break the citizens up into their separate groups (class warfare), political ideology, religious beliefs, skin color, union affiliation...basically, use ANY wedge that can separate ANY group of people from the citizenry as a whole and pit them against each other. Keep peeling away the thin veneer of civilized society, and then....

Step Three - CRISIS: The puppetmasters can't count on asteroids, earthquakes or tsunamis. As we saw in Japan this past March, natural catastrophes on a massive scale tends to unite the citizenry, and that is counter-productive to their agenda. Even the "man-caused disaster" of 9/11 did this to some extent within our borders, but only for a short time. No, now that the citizenry is already a cauldron of hate and distrust, and the puppetmasters only need to find the right match to toss into the mix to ignite it all. Acknowledged Communist and former Obama administration advisor Van Jones describes it as "the bottom rises up, the top comes down, and you turn the system inside-out. The only problem with Mr. Jones' ideology is that he pitches it as the "end" to which the "means" justify. Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, he and his ilk would not be a part that end to which he so eloquently ascribes.

Step Four - NORMALIZATION: Post-crisis, there will only be two groups of people. Those who rule, and those who serve the rulers. There is no middle ground, no impartial panel to decide who is who. The ruler(s) decide who belongs where, and if you refuse to serve with blind loyalty, then you are eliminated. They fail to learn from their mistakes with each reincarnation of the Communist/Socialist state, but still manage to murder millions each time they try.

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