Thursday, August 18, 2011

The truth has no agenda, Mr. President!

Lost among the Democrat talking points about the economy (as well as the AAA credit rating) that President Obama "inherited" is this little nugget of truth:

YOU SOUGHT IT VIGOROUSLY AND VICIOUSLY...YOU CHASED IT, MR. PRESIDENT...YOU SPENT THREE-QUARTERS OF A BILLION DOLLARS TO GET IT! So get off your high horse and quit crying about getting what *you* paid for.

The "bad luck" that you keep referring, the "Arab Spring"? I seem to recall that you actually supported it, if not actually instigating the ouster of a long-time "ally" in Hosni Mubarak. The Japanese tsunami and earthquake was definitely a tragedy...bad luck for them, for sure. The only reason that it caused "disruptions" in OUR supply chain is because we don't make things here anymore (except excuses, which you are also quite masterful at spinning).

"Hold Me Accountable" - Barack Obama

"Count on it." - We The People

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