Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anyone need MORE proof?

I'm sure the die-hard atheists of the Anti-American Communist Lawyer's Union (ACLU) would love to sue the Joplin, Missouri tornado for destroying literally EVERYTHING but this...but alas, there is no defendant for the suit.

The teeming masses of journalists are so focused on the devastation and rubble that they miss the signs of His presence amongst us. Sometimes, the messes that we let accumulate in our daily lives can overburden us, and only after thoroughly scrubbing away all that is mundane and trivial are we left with what is truly important.

God's signs aren't like highway signs--big green squares with white letters and arrows on them--and they aren't always as easy to spot...but in Joplin, Missouri...on this Blessed Day, this one could hardly be more obvious!

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