Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ACLU = Anti-American Communist Lawyers Union

Once again, this despicable group of anti-American thugs is on the march to remove the First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression under the non-existent "separation of church and state" myth. You can read the full story by clicking HERE, but we all know the tale too well. It seems that a lone attendee (probably an ACLU plant) took offense to the 20-foot high cross adorning the pictured auditorium's entrance. For 70 years, the seniors of Neptune High School have marched across the stage in this historic arena as they embarked upon life's journey after receiving their diplomas.

"School officials responded by agreeing to change the graduation program to remove the student-led invocation and two hymns -- one titled Onward Christian Soldiers -- to rid the ceremony of any religious references" reports Cristina Corbin of

"The Great Auditorium, a nationally recognized landmark, is steeped in history. The building has hosted Ulysses S. Grant and six other U.S. presidents, as well as 27 of New Jersey’s governors. Mark Twain was a member of the auditorium’s board of directors, and religious leaders like the Rev. Billy Graham have spoken there."

The school board is standing firm even though the ACLU has threatened to proceed with legal action if the venue is not changed. Neptune Public Schools Superintendent David Mooij should be commended for his firm stance against this assault, and any attorney who values America's FOUNDING PRINCIPLES needs to stand with him and the school district on this issue.

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