Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Elected Busybodies At Work...

Democratic Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has sponsored Senate Bill 978, which would make THIS your new home for 5 years should you, or your children, commit the HEINOUS crime of filming yourself lip-synching a popular (or even not-so-popular) song and uploading it to an internet-based video sharing service like YouTube. Yes, this would be a FELONY!

Of course, it is proposed in the name of something "beneficial", a la protecting the recording artist's copyright of the material. But consider this...if I am stuck in traffic, jamming to an Aerosmith CD, and lip-synching the song and someone sees my "performance", what exactly is the difference? The behavior is the same!

Daniel Webster warned us that "every assumption of authority by the government is done under the pretense of good intentions", but we all know where the road that is paved with good intentions leads. Our lawmakers seem hell-bent on criminalizing EVERY possible behavior in the name of "protecting" someone else...this, my friends, is the essence of COMMUNISM...and we are almost there...if we don't vote people like this OUT, then the American experiment in liberty is over.

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