Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry Mr Gingrich...

I regret that after years of supporting you, following all your writings and hoping beyond hope that you would jump into the BIG arena...you have slapped me in the face! You have proven that no matter how long the politician is out of the Beltway zombie-zone, you are still a politician.

Your description of Paul Ryan's fiscal plan as "right-wing social engineering" was like a knife to the gut. You just don't get it Newt...if returning to the CONSTITUTION is what you deem "radical change", then you are seated too far to the left for me. Standing up for whatever will "win" rather than whatever is "right" is how we, as a country, have arrived where we are. We are beyond the "pass the law to find out what's in it" stage, and I hope that the good ideas that you have put forth will benefit a more Constitutionally-driven candidate.

I regret that I am publicly announcing my withdrawal of any support for your or your Presidential campaign...stick to writing books, Newt.

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