Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Committed Liberal who Should Be Committed!

I normally reserve the term "loathe" or "detest" for a select few human beings...generally those of loathsome or detestable character. Michael Moore, the Westboro Baptist Church and Jane Fonda to name a few, but a new face has earned it's place on that list...course, since Osama bin Laden's brief and final meeting with SEAL Team Six, there was an empty slot.

Meet Alan Colmes, a diehard, committed liberal and avowed Bush-hater. Alan makes frequent appearances on Fox News Channel shows, due to their dedication to providing BOTH sides of a discussion...the intelligent side and the "foaming at the mouth" side, of which Alan normally provides the latter.

His meltdown on The O'Reilly Factor's Tuesday BARACK AND A HARD PLACE segment was epic. (see video HERE) He dismisses outright that the intelligence gained from harsh tactics used on THREE named Al-Qaeda terrorists led directly to OBL's front door. The icing on this psychotic, blathering piece of fruitcake? "It's just a STUNT designed to give props to burnish the reputation of our WORST PRESIDENT EVER, George W. Bush and his hideous foreign policy".

Get a clue, Alan.

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