Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Question No One Seems To Be Asking...

The Middle East is on fire...The Hong Kong Stock Market is now trading gold bullion in Chinese Yuan rather than US Dollars...Europe is collapsing financially..."Arab Spring"-style protests will spread...Now the US Government plans to SHUT DOWN broadcast TV and radio NATIONWIDE to "test" the Emergency Alert System on November 9...and the hits, errrr, HINTS just keep a-coming.

There is one person that comes to mind that has been saying that EVERY ONE of things was going to happen. Glenn Beck was always called a kook, nutcase, conspiracy theorist, lush, and every other name in the book. Never an acknowledgment from the so-called "educated elites" of the observations as they came to pass. None of them asked...

"What If Glenn's Right?"

Throughout the run of his 5 PM television show, he constantly admonished his viewers to "do your OWN homework". I have done much of own homework and research, and have come to some very dark conclusions. In the interest of full disclosure, these are MY conclusions and I offer the same advice that Mr. Beck your OWN homework.

I have learned frequently and sometimes painfully that the best predictor of the future is the past. This road that America is currently on has been traveled before...the warnings are evident to those of us who have studied history. The only difference is the technology.

In spite of what's happening around the world, the major source of unrest here in America has revolved around one name...George Soros. In September 2004, Barney Frank, Sherrod Brown and future Presidential Chief-Of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel invited the wealthy financier to Capitol Hill to discuss "important policy issues" and the best way to move forward towards the Soros ideals of an "open and fair society" and "economic...and social equity both here and in the rest of the world".

Two years later, as the 110th Congress was sworn in, with Nancy Pelosi wielding the gavel in the House of Representatives and Harry Reid taking leadership of the Senate. The first Muslim, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) also took his seat. It was during this time that the stepping stones of the 2008 economic collapse were put into place, largely through the vehicles of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the "abandonment of free-market principles to save the free market" called TARP.

(To be continued)

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