Thursday, October 13, 2011

As Goes Civility, So Goes Civilization...

This is a snippet from one (of many, I'm sure) conversation flowing around the internet regarding Andrew Breitbart's trip to the "Occupy LA" cesspool of idiocy. It highlights a common theme of intolerance practiced by those who claim to be the tolerant half of society.

These were the 4 newest (and least profane) entries on The Blaze's website.

Pablo: "screams of HEAVILY EDITED in 5,4,3,2..."

Joe: " is conservative spin just like there is liberal spin. i just wish lil andy would come out of the closet..that is my biggest problem with these guys. andy is 100% gay --he creates mountains out of mole hills and the only reason he has any air time at all is fox news--just like beck. anywhere else on the planet--these guys are jokers..closet homosexual jokers..i dare any one of you REAL men to watch lil andy and tell me--he is straight---you cannot ...i had said before and i will say it again---why are conservative straight men so much more gay than liberal gay men?
that is the question of the times~"

Ardiva: "...also, andy likes his booze too much."

Pablo (in reply to joe): "So, you want to have sex with Breitbart, joe? He's kinda married. I think you're out of luck." -- (3 people liked this)

Icabod (in reply to Pablo): "Isn't be [sic] married the cover up for most of the closeted republican gays?"

This thread highlights the futility of intellectual debate with mental midgets. The commentor Joe went astray after his first sentence. Once he got away from talking about the point at hand, which was the Beritbart video, he went straight for unfounded and baseless character assassination. Tossing out all logic and reason, he calls (by all appearances) a happily-married man with children a "closet homosexual". Then he goes on to call *all* conservatives homosexuals!

For some reason, likely extrapolation of self-loathing, commentors Ardiva and Icabod chime in with their individual two cents' worth...they must have invested in the HOPE AND CHANGE mantra, and are left with just change. The threads disintegrated from there into incoherent profanity-laced tirades and personal attacks on each other and subsequent commentors.

Nancy Pelosi and Whoopi Goldberg have both reignited a much-debunked "spitting" incident, adhering to the Marxist mantra of repeating a lie unchallenged often enough that it becomes the truth. The sad reality is that a lie is a lie no matter how many people believe it, whereas the truth is the truth no matter how few actually dig for it. Many of the commentors in the above threads challenged Breitbart's "journalism". Journalism used to mean hunting for the truth using the basic six W questions--WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW? These days, journalism has degraded into a paparazzi sideshow that is less about digging for and reporting the truth and more about getting it out there first and how will it boost ratings. At least Breitbart is courageous enough to dig for the truth, regardless of the verbal slams and personal attacks.

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