Saturday, October 15, 2011

Demanding Change...

The problem with "Crony Capitalism" is the "cronies", not the "capitalism"...a point that the protesters and their allies in the Mainstream Media continuously choose to ignore.

Former administrations are just as guilty of it as the current occupant of the Oval Office. To inaccurately quote an old country tune, "you dance with the one that brung ya".

Consider Crony #1, President Obama's "Jobs Czar", GE chairman Jeff Immelt. GE offshored billions in profit and paid $0 in corporate taxes in 2010. Consider the technology that GE has provided to Iran for their "peaceful" nuclear power program, or the aircraft engine subdivision that GE has moved to China.

The problem with the "Occupy" folks is NOT that they are demonstrating their right to assemble, but what many of them are demanding; the end of capitalism. They fail to understand that removing any chance of failure can only be accomplished by also eliminating any opportunity to succeed. Is that the change that YOU are HOPING for?

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