Monday, April 11, 2011

A Reasonable Opinion

This is somewhat of a continuation of my prior post, PREENING AND POSTURING. While half the punditry cheers "Total Victory!!!" and the other half bemoans "Total Defeat!!", there are some reasonable opinions out there. Having just read the book pictured here after meeting the author at a local book signing, I was eager to hear Huck's take on the whole budget boondoggle.

"Never pour all of your water on too small a fire." There is no doubt that our great country is fiscally in deep ka-ka; it doesn't take an economics professor to recognize this. But taken in context, this preliminary budget battle was more like a playground tiff in comparison to facing the coming difficulties. The debt ceiling is approaching, the 2012 budget is after that, and the incumbent President has the entire Democrat war chest of an anticipated BILLION dollars for the next election. There are much bigger fires to save some water to battle them as well.

"The only way you can WIN IT ALL is if you CONTROL IT ALL..which the Republicans don't." Our government was founded with some key checks and balances, the biggest of which is WE THE PEOPLE. Our government has strayed from the principles that created it, and the populace at large (obligatory Wizard Of OZ analogy coming) is beginning to "pay attention to that man behind the curtain." The TEA Party is OUR lobbying group in DC...not that I wish to give advice to the opposition, but they continue to marginalize us AT THEIR OWN POLITICAL PERIL.

"Legislating is easy, criticizing is easy, punditry is GOVERNING, that's TOUGH!" There are several pundits out there whose opinions I value, and Mark Levin is one of them. But I have to disagree with his latest train of punditry accusing Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership of "caving" on key issues. AT THIS TIME, the actual "number" cut from 2011 spending is somewhat irrelevant, as are the policy riders regarding Planned Parenthood, the EPA, ObamaCare and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I say "irrelevant" only in the context of former Speaker Pelosi's promise that there would be ZERO cuts...the fact that the debate actually shifted to cutting spending rather than increasing it is enough of a victory AT THIS TIME.

Like a fabulous steak dinner that takes some time to don't eat it all in one bite. Our government has taken decades to get to this point, and although we need to rein it in quickly, we moreso need to rein it in wisely. Let's give the new House common-sense majority the time and the opportunity to do it!

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