Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preening and Posturing Politicians

Now that both sides of the Congressional aisle can strut and claim victory, it is time to get on with the business of taking the country back. To my liberal friends who say that the Republicans were cheering for a government shutdown, you're damn right. To my conservative friends who say that the Democrats were cheering for a government shutdown, you're damn right. "Huh? Both sides actually agreed on this?" you ask. My answer is YES...let me 'splain something to you...

When both sides are cheering for the same outcome, maybe, just maybe, it's the right thing to do...however "politically stupid" it is. After their mid-term election thumping in 2010, the Democrats pulled a play from the Clinton playbook...they entered this 112th session with no budget and a plan to cause the government "budget crisis", hoping to replay the resurgence of Clinton's popularity after the previous budget-related shutdown in the mid-90s.

There are a number of differences between THAT shutdown and THIS potential one. A) Bill Clinton's Congress was Republican, and led to the balanced budgets that he got all the credit for, despite never having presented a balanced budget. B) The electorate is no longer apathetic and uninformed...Fox News and the conservative talk-radio circuit, providing ACCURATE information to the masses, have given the voters more insight into the inbred system that is the Beltway. C) Their grossest miscalculation was in underestimating the public outrage at the despicable, even obscene spending spree by Obama and the 111th Congress.

The Republicans got the voters' message and stuck by their guns, forcing the Democrats to begin the concession process. Now comes the media blitz...we're all going to hear about how they "saved" the country by preventing the government shutdown...the Lamestream Media will tout Obama's "leadership" in getting the two sides to "agree" on various compromises.

Nary a word will be said about Obama's LACK OF LEADERSHIP in demanding a budget from the outgoing 111th Congress. No mention will be made of the leaders in BOTH parties who neither presented nor demanded a 2011 budget or of the idiotic rhetoric of both sides blaming the other.

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