Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Liberal crybabies are out in force already!!

From Josh Marshall of the Talking Points Memo (TPM) Editor’s blog…not to be confused with O’Reilly’s nightly Talking Points Memo, which generally makes sense…“Democrats…say it was ‘courageous’ but ‘politically stupid’ for Paul Ryan to put up a plan to abolish Medicare and other federal social programs…” That’s the battle line that is being drawn for the debate about fiscal sanity. No Josh, it’s NOT about abolishing them, but FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING them. What…it’s OK to fundamentally transform the greatest nation on earth but not a financially insolvent federal program? Silly liberal, wake up and smell the latte! Be real. It isn’t the responsibility of the Federal government to take care of each state’s citizens; it is each state’s responsibility. We have allowed the Federal government to take way too much power away from the states, and from the citizens, and taking that power back from the political inbreds in Washington DC is going to take the “courage” to do what is “politically stupid” (DCism for “the right thing”). He finishes, “sometimes things are politically risky because they're profoundly bad ideas.” No Josh, they are only politically risky because they are good ideas.

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