Wednesday, February 2, 2011

By any other name...

Rev. Al Sharpton wants the FCC to step up its regulation of the airwaves, "rooting out comments that viewers might PERCEIVE AS RACIST" [emphasis is mine]. This came after an interview in which I mentioned that "a spade just isn't cut out for this job".

I was lamenting the fact that my recently-purchased long-handled gardening implement with a flat blade didn't work so well in the hard clay of east Tennessee, but that's not important to Reverend Al. See, he is so focused on shutting down intelligent debate that he focuses on individual WORDS rather than CONTEXT.

In the interest of full disclosure, the afore-mentioned interview never actually occurred, but is a close parallel of the conversations regarding the direction our country is heading that everyday Americans are having.

The main problem with his maniacal idea is that he wants YET ANOTHER PRESIDENTIALLY-APPOINED CZAR to determine what is acceptable to the American people. Since the utter and abysmal failure that was liberal talk radio, a.k.a. AIR AMERICA was unable to do it, now he is seeking the government's help to shut down conservative voices and viewpoints.

The problem is that Americans of all stripes are beginning to see LIBERALISM for what it is...a government sponsored PLAGUE, and the only cure is a healthy dose of individual COMMON-SENSE.

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