Friday, February 11, 2011

Clapped Off?

This is our NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR James Clapper. Apparently, like his electronic namesake, someone applauded near him one time too many and shut his brain off. I am referring to his assessment of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD as a "largely secular" and "nonviolent" Egyptian boy scout troop. He also says that Tunisian unrest caught the intelligence community off-guard because "we are not clairvoyant."

Hey General...instead of reading PEANUTS, how about trying the ol' WORLD WIDE WEB. Or better yet, try watching Glenn Beck's 5PM show on Fox News Channel...he has gotten more right this week than you clowns have in 2 years!

Just a hint...I'm not a rocket scientist, but any group that has their religion in their name is by definition NOT SECULAR!

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