Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Is The Alt-Right Exactly?

Generally speaking, it is a term invented by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during her failed 2016 campaign to continue Barack Obama's destruction of American values and moral standards. The Alt-Right is anyone who opposed her Presidential aspirations merely because she felt that it was "owed" to her.

Let me tell you who I firmly believe the Alt-Right are NOT...we are NOT Nazis, White Supremacists, Neocons or any of the other bogus titles that the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party (aka, the Mainstream Media) depict us to be.

I'll tell you who we are. We are a bunch of hard-working Americans who are well-versed in the trials and tribulations of life as we've experienced it...not a bunch of college crybabies who have NEVER worked in the REAL WORLD and need a safe space from opposing viewpoints or opinions. We don't get TRIGGERED by words, phrases, pictures or statues. We understand history and are willing to accept it, and learn from it, without feeling the need to erase it.

We are a group of people who are tired of watching our society being torn to shreds in front of our eyes. We believe that humans are genuinely a binary species (aka male and female) and that traditional marriages result in the best outcome for the succeeding generation as a whole. We do NOT judge those who believe otherwise simply based on their beliefs, but are tired of being forced to accept that as NORMAL.

I am tired of being told about my PRIVILEGE, merely because I am a White, Christian, Heterosexual Male who works my ass off every day, and then being blamed for society's ills. I have NOT put anyone on Welfare/SNAP/EBT or whatever entitlement program you want to blame me for, yet I have to pay for it via my taxes.

Last point about us Alt-Righters...we were strongly opposed to Barack Obama's FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION agenda...why would you seek to fundamentally transform that which you stated to love and support? And then go to multiple countries and the U.N. and APOLOGIZE for America?

We supported and voted for President Trump because of 4 simple words...MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. His vision and ideas are nothing new...get the government out of the way and let WE THE PEOPLE do what we do best...INNOVATE!


  1. Excellent thoughts and post . We are not the enemy, the BLM and other such radical groups who don't work are the problem !!!

  2. Excellent post! Direct and to the point! You need to write more often, great mind, great points!