Monday, September 26, 2016

1st Debate Analysis...

Hallerin Hilton Hill, I did my homework yesterday...I watched the entire debate, took notes, knelt and prayed when over, here is my synopsis. I have no kids, so I only failed on that expectation of yours.

First off...I graded the participants...I gave Lester Holt a "B". I thought he was quite fair, rarely let a candidate filibuster a certain point, although he allowed 15-30 extra seconds for both on certain points. He was inaccurate on incomes rising over the past 8 years (that's only happening for the investors and hedge-fund managers that Hillary hates) and not the middle-class citizen. He also asked 6 follow-up questions of Trump, 0 of Clinton.

I gave Donald a B+ based on his positions and his presentation. Taking more money from the corporations and successful businesspersons is *NOT* the way to inspire them to hire more people. Hillary's explanation of "trickledown economics" fails on it's face...the budget deal and welfare reform negotiated by Newt Gingrich and signed into Law by Bill Clinton were what kept the Reagan recovery alive...the surplus that Democrats claim as their success alone. External trade deals are also a large negative on our economy...making it cheaper to do business elsewhere does NOT help us!

I also gave Donald Trump a B+...for not attacking Hillary stronger on Benghazi and the E-mail server...2 segments of the debate focused entirely on those 2 aspects of cybersecurity! He gets a high score for his focus on the economy...who can dispute that a billionaire businessman is best to run the largest economy in the world? He also pointed out Sidney Blumenthal's influence on Hillary's decisions as SecState even though Barack Hussein Obama refused to accept him in the State Department.

Hillary Clinton gets a "D" on my scorecard...the only reason Hillary did not get an "F" was becaue she lasted the entire 90 minutes without collapsing or launching into a coughing fit. She went with the old CLASS WARFARE argument that hard workers must pay more taxes than slackers...her despite of the success of Reagan's "Trickledown Economics" during the 80's...Bill Clinton's greatest success was not screwing it up THEN...he waited until 8 years later when the Community Reinvestment Act caused the FannieMae/FreddieMac housing crash which he blamed on evil bankers and George W Bush...who was the victim of the legislation signed into law by Clinton.
As well as the "enhanced" crack laws where crack cocaine crimes are charged stronger than powdered cocaine...I personally don't approve of either, but the market determines
the demand...targeted against the lower-income community because the Prison-Industrial complex needs more participants to survive.

Donald Trump was right to ask "Is it Barack Obama's Fault?" Hillary merely deflected from the obvious answer...

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