Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama's Critical Slip?

President Obama's handlers must be grimacing in agony every time he opens his mouth without a teleprompter nearby. In an unscripted moment on JON STEWART'S The Daily Show, the Narcissist-In-Chief admitted that "we have done things the American people don't know about".
The America-hating Progressive within him is just dying to break through, but the movement knows that the time is not yet ripe. In the book THE COMING INSURRECTION, the author(s) states that the Progressive power brokers must stay in the shadows, because once the light is shone upon them, their days are numbered. Obama's teleprompter is the caster of the shadows!
Remember the old party game JENGA? You have a tower of blocks, and the object is to pull blocks out of the tower without causing it to topple. Imagine that tower is our society...the Progressives are pulling the blocks out one at a time, while pointing out how the tower is still standing! "See? It's not so bad!" they say. With each block pulled, they brag about how their agenda hasn't caused the collapse of the tower like all the evil Republicans and Conservatives told you while sipping on their Slurpees.
But there will come a time when that tower collapses, and the Progressives won't be there saying "Oooops, ha-ha, they were right after all". History tells us what happens then...ask the Jews.

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