Monday, October 4, 2010

The Language of the Left

Understanding the Left’s agenda requires understanding what they mean, not necessarily what they say. Actions have always spoken louder than words, and their actions of late speak volumes to those who take the time to honestly observe.

Their positions on issues are based on emotion, not logic or reason. Emotions, however valid or invalid, are fleeting in nature, and the solutions are generally more harmful than good. The primary tools of the Left are constant repetition of lies, mockery and derision of dissenters, deflection from an issue, and finally a re-definition of the terms that comprise the issue. These tactics are necessary because the Left’s positions simply do not stand up to the “smell test” of common sense. Since they are unable to articulate logical defenses of their positions, these four tactics are employed in common discourse.

When a politician screams that a tax cut is not paid for or will add to the deficit, do you realize what it is that they are really saying? They are saying “THAT’S MY MONEY”! They have already spent those tax dollars, even though you haven‘t even earned them yet to have had them taken from you yet! Taking less from YOU doesn’t add to the deficit, but spending it before they take it does.

Another of their favorite games is “CLASS WARFARE”…they talk derisively about tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, even though most of them fall into that category themselves. As of November 2009, 237 of our 535 elected lawmakers had taxable reported incomes of over $1 million…Charlie Rangel’s was obviously higher, but much of it was unreported. President Bush said it best…“if they [Congresspersons] don’t feel that they are paying enough in taxes, just write a check to the IRS”. But quit ramming it down the throats of those who actually EARN it.

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