Friday, July 30, 2010

Madam President?

Fox News Analyst Dr. Monica Crowley suggested over a year ago that the ONLY one who can replace the First Black President is the First Woman President. In a nation known for it's Firsts, what could be more appropriate?
Notice how quiet Hillary Clinton has been lately? She is keeping her head down for a reason, and that is to determine which way the wind is blowing with regards to popular (or more likely, UNpopular) opinion of the current administration. I predict that, after stinging Democrat losses in the House and Senate this November, Hillary will resign as Secretary of State and begin her campaign to replace President Obama. She will take advantage of the fractures within the Democratic party and try to bring the base back towards the center.

Yes, folks, it is going to be Hillary vs. Sarah, battling for the White House in 2012. But it is going to be more than just the Presidency at stake...they will be vying for the future of our Republic, *IF* it lasts that long.

I qualify that prediction, not because I have seen the movie "2012" or read the prophecies of Nostradamus, but because of the QUITE VISIBLE agenda of the Obama administration to do whatever they want, regardless of the will of the people! They will dictate that Arizona can't enforce Federal Immigration Law, yet leave the Sanctuary Cities, who openly flaunt their disdain of those same laws, unprosecuted.

I qualify that prediction because I have read the Progressive Playbook, and I understand that the "tipping point" of anarchy is dangerously close.

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