Sunday, July 11, 2010

Battling Progressivism

Progressives seek the complete and utter destruction of the American system and way of life in order to create "a non-racist, classless, feminist socialist society". (I'm directly quoting the Socialist Party USA statement of principles.)

You might ponder--Socialism has been tried time and time again and has always failed. Why would anyone believe that it would work here and now? Progressives believe that they have learned the mistakes of the past Socialist societies and can get it right this time. They believe that constant tinkering with a failed idea will somehow fix it, rather than tinkering with a successful idea to make it better. There is a major flaw in their belief which I will highlight shortly.

Even as a distinct minority, they are succeeding! How can 1% or 4% or 7% of the population manage to co-opt the larger percentage of Americans? By piggy-backing on the Liberal agenda, they support the goals of and give credence to every minority fringe group. They hope to maintain and/or gain the votes to keep the balance of power tilted towards ever-increasing the size and scope of Government until it inevitably collapses under the crushing burden of debt. However, Progressives and Liberals differ in one way...Liberals believe in the elimination of failure by punishing success, whereas Progressives believe that elimination of success will, by default, eliminate failure.

The ONE major reason why Socialism will NEVER work is not American, or European or Asian in nature, but HUMAN nature! I call it the JURASSIC PARK theory. In that movie, there is a sequence that shows a goat being lowered into the Tyrannosaurus Rex paddock in order to coax the T-Rex into view. One of the scientists says something along the lines of "no, that won't work...T-Rex is a hunter! He doesn't want to be fed!"

Humans are the same way! The will of mankind to create, to achieve, to overcome, to succeed at something, at ANYTHING is in our DNA! In the 1950s and 60s, it was asked "Why expend the time and money to send a man to the moon?"

The American answer? "Because it's there!" The Socialist? "Because the Americans want to go." But what if there was no America?

Coming next...Identifying Progressives.

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