Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Gun Free Zone, Another Mass Shooting...

The question of the day is WHY? Why would one or more people wake up saying that "TODAY, I'M GONNA KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN?"

Well, for one thing, we have lived for 40 years now under the belief that life is a choice, not an inalienable right given to us by our Creator. Some PhDs have hypothesized that anyone born after the Supreme Court's 1973 ROE V WADE decision actually suffer from "survivor's guilt syndrome"...laughable. What we are suffering from is the primary symptom of Liberalism...its primary platform plank being "This is all there is, and the government can make it better. There is no God, no everlasting eternal life, nothing beyond THIS let US help you."

Coupled with that are anarchist combat simulators similar to this...Grand Theft Auto, in which players are rewarded for killing and stealing.

Here are some interesting statistics about THIS specific game:
  • It cost more to make than ANY movie ever filmed ($245 million) except for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, which had a $300 million production cost.
  • The game has NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET, but the pre-orders are said to have covered the production costs.
  • Here is how this game is portrayed on their Facebook page ( and in a snipped photo:

Thriving Economy And Commerce...Affordable Healthcare...The Great Outdoors...Accessible Air Travel...Shopping & Glamor...there's much more propagandizing, but I just threw up a little in my mouth, so....moving on.

We have taught generations that hard work is not necessary for survival...that morality is dead...that there is NO ultimate judge who determines an eternity of peace and bliss or fire and agony...and that the government is here to help.

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