Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poster Boy Of Liberal Hypocrisy...

If I could point to one figure who is a singular personification of the idiocy of the left, John Kerry would be my top choice...although psychotic, drug-addled Bob Beckel would be a close second. But, I have to give the Massachusetts senator credit, no one makes my point better than he does...that wealth distributes itself one helluva lot better than the US Government.
One of his BFFs....

Since you have likely never read or heard this story in ANY lamestream media outlet, even when Kerry was (gasp) an EVIL RICH 2004 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, no worries--I have done the digging. No Julias here...I bring you the story of ISABEL.

ISABEL is John Kerry's $7 MILLION, 76-foot sloop, built in New Zealand by FRIENDSHIP YACHTS (outsourcing?). According to the BOSTON HERALD, ISABEL has two cabins, an opulently-furnished galley, and a pilot house fitted with a wet bar and cold wine storage (best place to keep the alcohol, right next to the steering wheel).

ISABEL is moored in neighboring Rhode Island, not at the Kerry mansion or his summer home on Nantucket, because of the crippling Massachusetts taxes guessed it...the EVIL MILLIONAIRES. If ISABEL were kept at the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee's summer vacation home on Nantucket, or in Boston Harbor near his city residence, he would be liable to the cash-strapped Bay State for $437,500 in one-time sales tax, as well as  $70,000 in annual excise taxes. Rhode Island repealed those taxes in 1993, making it somewhat of a nautical tax haven for Massachusetts' wealthy.

Kerry's explanation for this is not tax avoidance, but "for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes."

Not a football player...

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