Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bumblin Biden strikes again...

Our "esteemed" Veep's latest verbal contribution to the class warfare rhetoric..."They just don't get us..." makes about as much sense as a bicycle lane in a shipping channel. Contextually, his "they" refers to Republicans specifically, but Conservatives in general, while his "us" refers to Democrats and liberals.

Well, lo and behold, even a stopped clock is right twice a day (which is a far better batting average than the Veepster is sporting), but in his cluelessness, he hit upon the truth. You're right, Joe, we DON'T get you. I mean, how easy is it to wrap your brain around the idea that a supposedly-devout Catholic supports pre-natal murder and forced acceptance of aberrant behavior? I have difficulty grasping the concept that you are all about the middle-class, while forcing more and more into poverty.

Yes, Joe, those of us with half a brain DON'T GET IT. Pardon US if we don't bother trying and just keep pointing out the lunacy of liberalism.

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