Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justice vs. Revenge

The 33-day-old media circus known as the Casey Anthony trial is now over, with NOT GUILTY verdicts rendered on the charges of 1st degree murder, 2nd degree manslaughter and aggravated neglect. She was found guilty of providing false statements to law enforcement officers.

We have all been forced participants, for the most part unwillingly, in the saga of an extremely disturbed family. Since the mainstream media had made us jurors by proxy, we felt anger at the inability to make our voices heard. We wanted that GUILTY verdict in the name of revenge, but were willing to call it justice.

Unlike the defense team's claims, whatever happened to young Caylee *is* known amongst the disgusting members of the Anthony family. Each of them will have to answer to God for their part in the untimely death of this beautiful child and the subsequent cover-up.

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