Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Triangulation For Dummies

There seems to be a new political buzzword floating around...TRIANGULATION. In the pre-GPS era, triangulation was how one determined their location. With a map and bearings to 2 fixed points, one could determine exactly where they were.

There are two problems with triangulation as it applies to elected office. (A) If you don't know where you stand, should you really be in, or considering, public office? And (B) There is only ONE fixed point in politics...that is TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL over the citizenry. The other point is that level of government intrusion that WE THE PEOPLE are willing to accept.

It is refreshing to see WE THE PEOPLE pushing back against growing governance via the Conservative movement, talk radio, the Internet and the TEA PARTY. But is it enough, and is it in time?

As a group, the Progressives seeking total global government control are FAR outnumbered. Their strategy? Reduce the opposition to numerous fringe groups who would be willing to give away a little freedom to accomplish their individual agendas. We see it in the political arena every day. Don't you find it somewhat ironic that the Democrats, the self-proclaimed PARTY OF UNITY, seek to divide us at every turn?

If you disagree with their stance on illegal immigration, then you are a heartless bigot who seeks only to destroy families who are doing the jobs that we won't do. If you value the traditional nuclear family and don't want sexual perversity shoved in your face, then you are a homophobe!!! If you have worked hard all your life and amassed any kind of wealth or estate, then you are one of the EVIL WEALTHY. That is, unless you are the President or an elected Representative...then you play yourself as just a regular citizen who understands our needs and legislates accordingly.

This DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy is in full swing, and those who seek the destruction of the American Experiment in Liberty to bring about a GLOBAL GOVERNANCE have two things on their side...UNLIMITED PATIENCE and UNLIMITED MONEY. They only need us to keep giving up a little freedom at a time. Like the frog in the slowly-heating pot of water...by the time he realizes he's dinner it's too late for him to do anything about it.

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  1. Truer words were never spoken! WE THE PEOPLE need to fight back!