Sunday, November 7, 2010

Queen Nancy, Refusing To Go Quietly

Like a true narcissist, Nancy must remain the center of her own little world. Despite a stinging demotion and near-universal rejection of her quote-unquote version of reality, she is insisting on remaining the head of the now-Democrat minority in the lower House of Congress.

Some of her fellow Democrats are refusing to endorse her run for the minority leadership...these are the ones who are more concerned with getting President Obama re-elected in 2012. Then there are those who are enthusiastically supporting her effort...these are the Democrats who see the writing on the wall...they KNOW that Obama is "one and done" AND they have someone who is willing to jump on yet another grenade.

Prez Barry is in quite a pickle on this one. If he doesn't support her, then he will literally be blaming her for the massive voter rejection of HIS socialist agenda, and will likely lose support of the far-left liberals. If he DOES support her, then he alienates the moderate bloc of the Democrat party who will be critical for any re-election effort that he may hope to mount.

My prediction? He will quietly persuade her to step out of the spotlight and allow Steny Hoyer to assume the reins of minority leadership and attempt to salvage some of the larger voting blocs for his 2012 re-election run.

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