Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sociopath In Training

Find this SICK CHICK QUICK! Apparently, on her days off from school, she has a sick, disgusting way to entertain herself...she has someone film her throwing 6 puppies into a river.

There is a video available online, but I will not post it. I'm sure there are probably already thousands of copies of the link floating around the web-verse in angry E-mails between animal lovers.

It is hard to decide who is the sicker...her or the person filming this despicable act of inhumane indecency. Missy, you are indeed one sick young lady, and should never be allowed to bear children.

Author's Note: The images are (c) www.metro.us


  1. Someone should throw her in the river and see how she likes it! Sick, sick girl there!