Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing The Blame Game

Here it is folks, the cause of childhood obesity!!! Much like blaming pencils for misspellings or guns for killing people, here is the latest attempt to shift the focus away from the root cause of the problem...lack of personal responsibility.

I remember as a kid tossing a box of Lucky Charms into Mom's shopping cart and slipping the Cheerios back onto the shelf. Not only did the Lucky Charms taste better, but there was a toy inside those boxes as well! Crackerjacks was a favorite snack of mine as well, and GUESS WHAT...there is a prize in each box of them as well. Like all kids today and throughout history, I preferred the stuff that tasted good over the stuff that was good for me. It had nothing to do with a damn toy!

I was always an active kid...playing kickball, hide-n-seek, baseball, and even a game made up by the neighborhood kids called "Scalp-Em", a crude combination of Red-Robin and Smear The Queer (oops, we can't use that word anymore, either, but that is a topic for another blog post).

THIS is the cause of childhood obesity...lack of pure physical activity! We put TVs, Playstations and Nintendo DSs into the hands of our children to serve primarily as an electronic babysitter. They sit around for hours trying to unlock the secret code that will get them additional powers and advance to the next level. When stuck, they TXT a BFF on their cell phone, or post an update to their MySpace page to get help.

I don't see a whole bunch fat kids zipping around skateboards or kicking out some eye-opening tricks on their bicycles. No, the fat kids I see around here all have one thing in common...their chubby little faces are generally poorly illuminated by a television or handheld video game screen.

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