Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Mainstream Media With A BIG HINT!!!


Seems the mainstream media and the far-left have finally had enough of your flowery rhetoric and the progressive agenda seemingly stalled. A series of recent setbacks on the healthcare reform front and an international slap from the Olympic Committee led to a pretty funny Saturday Night Live skit this weekend.
The SNL thing was a shot across the bow of your agenda...when THEY start in on you, then you have upset someone very powerful on the left...ask former President Bush and Governor Sarah Palin. Of course, it is Bush's fault that we didn't get the 2016 Olympics, just ask Senator Roland Burris and THE Reverend Al Sharpton. It had nothing to do with the video clip of the HONOR STUDENT getting beat to death on the streets of the same city.
Look, Mr. President...you didn't earn my vote and you still haven't earned my support, but that doesn't make me a racist. You're trying to ram a turd sandwich down the throats of the American people with your ideas of ECONOMIC JUSTICE and REDISTRIBUTIVE CHANGE, and we really don't want that turd sandwich...that doesn't make us racists. Those of us who KNOW what made America great don't like to see you out there apologizing to the rest of the world for it. No, we are not a perfect nation, but we are in all probability the least IMPERFECT.
We don't feel that America NEEDS to be radically transformed, merely given a minor course correction to starboard (that's to the right, for you landlubbers). I'll jump right out and say that the ones who blindly supported your progressive agenda and voted for you BECAUSE of your skin color rather than despite it, the ones who are first to play the race card are the TRUE racists. It's easy to shut down any intelligent discussion or debate with THAT on the table.

Mr. President, the first thing you need to be doing is accepting that this country, it's economy and other problems are now YOURS. You need to tell your minions to quit calling all the negatives INHERITED and all dissenters racists. You need to quit trying to organize yourself out the hole you have dug and simply QUIT DIGGING...and START LEADING.

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