Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Stole My Stuff!!!!

I came to this conclusion after watching the Rushbaugh address the Conservative Political Action Committee. Ok, I must admit, us conservatives think a lot alike, so I can't really claim plaigiarism, or intellectual theft, or anything like that. At this stage of my life, I guess I am just glad that someone agrees with me, AND, has a national audience (unlike this blog).

I am relatively new to THIS particular forum, so this is going to be a compilation of previous blogs from my Yahoo 360 page. For the 2 of you who have already read these, pardon the redundancy .

:::Originally Posted November 4, 2008, Election Day:::


My civic duty as an AMERICAN now done, I have cast my vote for my hope for the future of America. It sounds so cliché, doesn’t it? I mean, the “this being the most important election we have ever faced” line…we hear it every election cycle, whether it be for representatives, senators or our President. It has never been truer than it is today.

Several months ago, when the Democratic nomination was still a toss-up between senators Obama and Clinton, and the Republican nominee was Senator McCain, I wrote a scathing blog regarding the choices. I said that there is no way that our obviously broken political system would ever be fixed by someone who is merely changing addresses within the Beltway.

However, once the nominees of each party were finalized, I reviewed the national political records of the candidates on my own. One candidate has a quite lengthy record and the other’s is quite short. One has quite questionable associations with avowed domestic terrorists, an America-hating pastor as an admitted mentor and a dubious “community organizing” organization…the other candidate’s only connection to terrorists came as a 5½ year prisoner in their custody.

Would you rather elect a candidate who has voted AGAINST their own party leadership on one out of ten votes, or one who has refused to take a stance either way by voting “present” 136 times? Would you vote for a candidate who thinks that life itself is “above my paygrade”, or one who firmly believes that life is God’s ultimate gift to us all? Would you vote for a candidate who has promised to kill American jobs by bankrupting electricity-producing coal plants or a candidate who believes that ALL of our domestic energy sources should be exploited for OUR benefit? Would you vote for a candidate who is in favor of removing secret ballot provisions in union negotiations, or a candidate who believes that voting privacy is paramount in ANY vote? Would you vote for a candidate who believes in punishing the successful for the benefit of those who aren’t, or a candidate who believes in spreading the opportunity for success?

America, the choice is ours. Let’s make the right one for the benefit of us all.

::: Originally Posted November 5, 2008, Post-Election results:::
I recall another historic first with an untested candidate, along with the usual media hype based on appearance and biased opinions, not facts. Everybody flocked to see, and ecstatically cheered, waved and clapped in the glorious presence of...RMS TITANIC.

Much like President-elect Obama, RMS TITANIC was new and untested, quite opulent, and seemed to offer everything to those who trusted her with their livelihood. She offered HOPE to those hundreds of 3rd-class passengers who wanted a better life in America. Yes, she was the fastest, the best, and to boot...UNSINKABLE. So the captain and crew threw caution to the wind in order to break records and prove her worthiness. And so, it was only after an earlier NIGHT TO REMEMBER that the true facts of her flaws came to light.

Unlike TITANIC though, President-elect Obama's past associations, Senatorial record and even the words out of his own mouth were all there for you to see. Like the Mainstream Media and the co-hosts of THE VIEW, you fawned over THE ONE and chose to either ignore or gloss over the dubious parts of his record.


  1. LOL! YEAH! That's the stuff. Great blog, Russ! The Titanic! If Rush didn't steal that one he should! Great letter to Senator Back Stabber, too.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I sincerely wish that my comparison wasn't as accurate as it is panning out to be.